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All You Need To Know About Double Wall Ovens

We’re all familiar with range ovens. They’re present in the majority of households. And then, microwave ovens aren’t new either. What most of us aren’t aware of are the wall ovens and the perks they bring.

The major difference between a range oven and a wall oven is mobility. A range oven is movable while a wall oven is fixed into a wall. There are three main kinds of wall ovens, namely, single wall ovens, double wall ovens, and triple wall ovens. A single wall oven has a single cooking space, a double wall oven - double, and the triple wall oven has a cooking space three times the size of a single wall oven.


Double Wall Ovens

With a double wall oven, you don’t have to wait for one dish to be cooked before you begin to prepare the second one. It’s because you have two ovens in a double wall oven which saves a lot of time.


Moreover, the oven is fixed into the wall. And even though it might take more space than a single wall oven, it still wouldn’t make your kitchen seem too crowded. Installing it, however, can be a bit tricky and might require the services of an expert. Double wall-ovens are comparatively costlier than the range ovens but they're worth every penny.


Factors Affecting Your Decision

Whether these ovens are suitable for you or not, depends on several factors. The main factors are the size of your kitchen, the size of your family, cooking habits, budget restrictions, time limitations for cooking, and the number of cooks in your home that might use the oven.


For instance, a smaller kitchen won’t be a suitable fit for a double wall oven, and a family of four definitely won’t need a double wall oven either, unless they invite people over for dinner every other day. Similarly, your budget restrictions might render it impossible for you to purchase a double wall oven no matter how much you need it.


Your cooking habits refer to your usual usage of the oven in your cooking, i.e., whether you use an oven to cook or bake meals every other day or entertain guests a lot. If you don't then, getting a double wall oven will be an unnecessary strain on your pocket.


 A single oven is not suitable for a house with multiple people working in the kitchen at the same time. Multiple cooks need multiple sets of cooking and baking equipment including ovens. Similarly, a person cannot just spend the entire day in the kitchen but that is exactly what happens when you have multiple dishes to cook or bake and a single oven to use. 


Whether To Choose An Electric Or Gas Operated Double Wall Oven

Once you have decided to get a double wall oven, the next question to consider should be about the type of fuel powering them, i.e., electric wall ovens or gas-operated ovens. Both types of wall ovens have their own sets of pros and cons.


This mainly depends on the type of fuel most of your cooking appliances are working on as well as your preferences. Someone who prefers the traditional gas-fueled ovens might not be comfortable using an electric wall oven and vice versa.


Other Must-Have Features

An electric double wall oven has some extra features that could make your cooking endeavors seem like a walk in the park. It might even be cheaper than a gas-operated one. Some of these features are given below:

  • Self-Cleaning System
  • Infrared Grill System
  • Convection Oven
  • Proof Mode
  • Warming Drawers
  • Temperature Probe
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Gliding Rack Systems
  • Electronic Controls


In addition to the choice regarding the fuel and other features, colors and designs also hold a lot of weight in buying a double wall oven. Thankfully, they’re available in a lot of colors and designs. People generally prefer black, white, slate, or stainless steel in colors. However, this doesn't mean that other colors aren't available that could coordinate well with the unique style and theme of your home's interior.



Choosing a double wall oven is a long-term investment as it will be fixed into your walls for good. Consider each factor carefully, do your homework, compare the price, and make an informed decision so that you don't end up regretting it later on. Because once the deed is done, it cannot be undone easily and without losing a hefty sum of money.